Park Syndicate

Special Needs & Disability Education

The school has special facilities for children with physical disabilities - the Park Syndicate. Children with physical disabilities attend the facility from the greater Invercargill and Southland area.

Children receive individualised teaching programmes and therapies from the specially trained staff, enabling them to achieve their highest possible levels.

Where possible children from the Park Syndicate are integrated into, and involved in, regular classes or school activities. These children give the school a very special character and enable all children to develop an awareness of the needs of the disabled.

We Offer:

Physiotherapy Programmes....

Standing frames

Walking frames

Physio sessions

Hydro Therapy

Visual Programmes...



Park Syn Brochure.pdf


Life Skill / Independence Programmes...


Self Care

Special Olympic competitions

Adaptive Technology


Contact Park Syndicate...   Direct Dial Ph: (03) 2188696    Email: