Park Syndicate

Special Needs & Disability Education

Our Park Syndicate caters for students with disabilities and complex learning needs. The Park Syndicate offers a supported educational environment with access to both mainstream classes and individual education programmes.

As a Park Syndicate student, a tailor made programme will be developed based on the goals that have been set by their wider IEP teams. These teams may include any combination of Teachers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language therapists, and Psychologists, depending on each student’s needs.

Students are incorporated into all aspects of Waihopai School life. This includes the School Choir, School Productions, Kapa Haka, sports teams, Special Olympics etc.

Our students are often out in the community learning about life beyond the school gate. Invercargill’s Queens Park adjoins Waihopai School, and we use this natural resource to our advantage.

We Offer:

Physiotherapy Programmes....

Standing frames

Walking frames

Physio sessions

Hydrotherapy pool

Visual Programmes...



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Life Skill / Independence Programmes...


Self Care

Special Olympic competitions

Adaptive Technology



"Over the past couple of weeks, Cycling Southland has had the pleasure of hosting a number of children attending Waihopai School’s Park Syndicate at the SIT Zero Fees Velodrome. The children were doing laps around the apron every day of the week in support of Eoin McKenzie, who rode the Tour Aotearoa to help fundraise for the creation of a more accessible playground at Waihopai School. McKenzie’s grandson, Ollie Walton, was one of the children participating. Ollie enjoyed the experience so much that he will be joining a regular session at the velodrome to continue his enjoyment of cycling in a safe environment.”

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