Health & Safety

Coronavirus COVID-19

We are monitoring this on a daily basis with the assistance of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. We are assimilating the most balanced information from the best informed authorities and not relying on the hype and hysteria from the world’s media. We have reviewed our Pandemic Plan and updated the schools Pandemic kits that the school maintains now that the WHO has declared this world wide pandemic. We are reinforcing with the children safe practices of sneezing, and washing of hands. The school cleaners are using extra sanitiser practices in keeping areas with high germ count clean.

To help you and your child/children understand the virus and the correct way of washing hands please watch the video clips below:

Coronavirus Explained! (for kids).mp4
How to reduce the spread of Coronavirus with handwashing - Chinese Subtitles.mp4
Corona virus Anxiety.mp4

Waihopai Community Oral Health Clinic:

The Dental Therapists can be contacted here.

Accidents and First Aid

From time to time children, unfortunately, sustain injuries in the course of their play. Minor injuries are treated in the sick bay and the child usually returns to class when it is certain there are no ill effects. When it is felt advisable, parents are contacted and requested to collect the child. This would be in the case of more serious injuries when perhaps a visit to a medical centre may be advised or when the child is obviously unwell through sickness and should be at home. The school's policy is to contact parents and advise them of any injuries sustained unless they are of a minor nature.

Medication is not given unless requested in writing by the parents. (Parents must supply any medication given.) Panadol is available at school, but parent approval must be gained before this is dispensed.

Please advise the school if your child has any serious allergic reactions.

Signing In & Signing Out

It is important that we know where your child is. If they are late coming to school they need to check in at the office. If they are checking out of school this needs to be done by an adult on the electronic attendance tablet on the reception desk. We need to know where your child is at all times for their health and safety protection. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Access to Period Products

You would have recently seen in the news that the Ministry of Education and the Government have rolled out a new initiative which gives students access to free period products in school. Waihopai School now have these products available for all students to collect as and when required from the Office or their class teacher.

Included is the Ministry information sheet about this new initiative for you to read and discuss with your child at home.

Access the information here

School Traffic Patrols

The Herbert Street crossing is controlled by a road patrol before and after school. This patrol is supervised before school by a staff member.

Children using the Herbert Street crossing are asked to cross between 8.35am and 8.50am. This practice is helpful for the supervision of the crossing.

Leaving School Grounds:

Children are NOT permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours.


Children’s Hair -

We have some incidences of headlice in the school at the moment. If your child has long hair please ensure it is tied back with appropriate hair ties or ribbons in school colours, to blend with their uniform of blue and gold.

Click image to view MOH Head Lice information on treatment and prevention.