Board of Trustees

Waihopai School Board of Trustees

Andrew Smith  (Principal)

Mark Jordan  (Presiding Member)

Reece Oliver

Gavin Booth

Gareth Davis

Sarah Valli

Nickalette Marie (Staff Rep)

Ann Walker (Board Secretary)

(Parents are reminded that meetings are open to the public)

The Board of Trustees meets in the School Staffroom          

on the following Tuesdays, at 6.00pm. 

Following are the BOT meeting dates for 2024  

27 February 2024

09 April 2024

28 May 2024

02 July 2024

20 August 2024

24 September 2024

05 November 2024

03 December 2024

                             These dates are subject to change and meetings will be                                          advertised in the school newsletter.

The Waihopai School Board of Trustees consists of 5 elected parent representatives, up to 4 co-opted parent representatives an elected representative of the school staff, and the Principal.  The term of office is for three years. 

The Board works on behalf of the Minister of Education and the school community to ensure the benefit of all its students.  It uses the School Charter, strategic plan, and governance policies as key tools in performing these tasks.  Copies of these documents are available from the school office.

The Board is concerned principally with strategic leadership, focusing on creation of the best possible learning environment and enhancement of student achievement.  It is responsible for ensuring that the school management is appropriately organised to implement and report on the school’s strategic direction.

The Board employs the Principal to manage the school on its behalf.  The day to day running of the school, management of the school budget, internal organisation of classes and teaching programmes are the responsibility of the Principal.

The Board of Trustees meets monthly.  Minutes of the Board meetings are kept at the office and are available for viewing.  Board of Trustees meetings are open to the public and advertised in the School newsletter.

Trustees welcome approaches from parents who wish to express either concern or appreciation; contact numbers are available from the school office.  

Waihopai School - Our Strategic Plan 2020-2022