Waihopai School

Waihopai School Open Monday May 18th 2020

Dear Parents & Whanau

School will resume under level 2 conditions from 8.55a.m. on Monday May 18th.

If children are unwell, immune compromised or unwilling to attend school we need to know by the end of school on Thursday May 14th if they are not returning to school. Email: office@waihopai.school.nz or use School Stream to notify the school.

Distance Learning will be provided in various forms for these children.

For the vast majority of pupils school will be similar to the period prior to lockdown.

  • For the first week initially parents will not be able to be on site unless they have been invited to do so i.e. (pupils and families starting at Waihopai on their first day or picking up a sick child). They will need to register at the school office for contact tracing.
  • Children can be picked up from the Herbert Street fence line in class designated areas from Room 1 – 17. Elder children will cluster in the youngest child’s class area.
  • There will be no school road patrols.
  • There will be no school assembly.
  • The Alice Street entrance will be only for children walking home on their own or for the after school programme pick up e.g. YMCA.

Please be patient with the reopening procedures. We are endeavouring to make everything as consistent and safe as possible and ease the level of anxiety for all.

Many Thanks

The Waihopai Team

School Stream Notifications

Just a reminder that Facebook is our social media platform and not always monitored to reply to questions. If you require information about our school or school events that are not covered on our Facebook page posts please email: office@waihopai.school.nz or phone 2184 228

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