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Kia ora tātou.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Thursday September 9th. While the Level 2 arrangements are similar to those in February this year please read the following information before your child returns to school on Thursday. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school.

Ngā mihi

Andrew Smith

Health Protocols for Students at School

Face masks are optional for students. If unwell, do not come to school but stay at home and seek medical advice. Hygiene is VERY IMPORTANT. Wash your hands with warm water and soap and then dry well. Sanitise your hands before you enter rooms and when you leave a room. Sanitiser is available in all classrooms, but you can bring your own. Cough into your elbow. Do not share drink bottles and don’t drink from the fountain. Don’t share food.

Drop off Procedures

1. The before school programme will operate from 8.00–8.30 a.m. Please drop your children off in the covered area in the school driveway. Parents are not to enter the building.

2. School opens at 8.30 a.m. Children need to be dropped off at the gate. Again-parents are not to enter the school grounds. The only exception to this is for children (and their parents) who will be starting at Waihopai School for the first time-you must sign in at the school office.

After School Procedures

If you are picking your child up after school please note the following:

1. For children being picked up at the Herbert St gate we will have social distance markings on the footpath on the west of the school gate. Please line up to pick your child up. Your children will be lined up in classes. Children with siblings will be lined up so that all siblings are together. They will be assembled by 3.00 p.m.

2. We will let parents in through the main entry only gate in limited numbers. The exit only gate will be through the carpark onto Herbert Street.

3. Those students who are walking either towards Boys High or need to cross Herbert Street will be released from the hall with supervision and cross the Herbert Street crossing.

4. We ask that you talk with your child about after school arrangements prior to drop off tomorrow morning so we can continue with this smooth routine we established last year.

After School Care

Cornerstone, Chipmunks and YMCA vans will operate as normal from the Alice Street entrance.

Children travelling home on their own

If children are making their own way home they will first meet in the hall and then be escorted to either the Herbert St or Alice St gates. Please talk to your child about which gate they will exit from.

Making Appointments

If you need to see me or a classroom teacher, please make an appointment through the school office and we can make a time and procedure to meet.


Enrich classes will start on Thursday.


Teacher Only Day will now be held on Friday November 19

Book Fair to be held November 8-12th

Tri Nations postponed to Thursday September 30

Polyfest to be confirmed

Bits and Bobs-to be confirmed

School Stream Notifications

Just a reminder that Facebook is our social media platform and not monitored to reply to questions. If you require information about our school or school events that are not covered on our Facebook page posts please email: office@waihopai.school.nz or phone 2184 228

COVID Tracing

We have our NZ COVID-19 Tracer QR code. If you are using the tracer app and wish to scan our code, look for the QR sign at our entrances.

Event Calendar

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CYBER SAFETY info under Student Resources