I am Allan Mitchell, Principal of Waihopai School.

We are proud of our school as it sits on the same site since 1879, being nestled on the edge of our city’s Queens Park.

Our school boasts strong National Standard results that reflect our wonderful community and the emphasis that we place on reading, writing and mathematics.  This does not understate the importance we place on inquiry learning (the sciences), fine arts and physical activity that is a feature at our school.

We are a strongly connected global school with 27 nationalities represented and a strong international fee paying programme that we actively promote in the Pacific Rim countries.

We are fortunate to have the Park Syndicate as an integral part of our school, hosting children with physical and cognitive challenges as a Southland wide facility.

We have a technology rich environment where children have access to a wide range of ICT tools backed up by high speed broardband. We have our own TV station on You Tube, where students upload a clip everyday. Our year five and six classes have embraced BYOD and operate as digital classrooms.

We are proud of our school, its achievements and its facilities.  We would love to host you should you like to visit our superb school.


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Extra stationery items required
for the start of 2016
The following items will be distributed by the class teacher and invoiced on your child's school account.
  • New Wave Mental Maths Maintenance Book $12.50 (years 4-6)
  •  Bible in Schools Book $8.00 (years 4, 5 & 6)
  • School Homework Diary $9.00 (every pupil)

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Waihopai Happenings

School Closure  

Paid Union Meeting

Waihopai School will not have teachers in classrooms on Wednesday 7 September until 11.30am while staff attend the local meeting.

It is important for union members in our school to attend these meetings to have a say about how we get better funding, not bulk funding.

Please make every endeavour to keep your children at home or arrange for alternative care.  We will have very limited supervision for the children between 9.00a.m. and 11.30a.m. Please send children to school in time for an 11.30 start to the day. There will be no before school programme and the road crossing will not be operational in the morning.  The lunch break will be as usual.

We trust that you understand our concerns for education and support us in our endeavours to maintain or enhance what we are able to provide as an education sector.


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Waihopai School, 121 Herbert St, Invercargill

Waihopai School Calendar of Events


Ministry of Education 2016

school terms and holidays



Start date

       End date

Term 1

Between Monday 1 February (at the earliest); and Friday 5 February (at the latest) - Waihopai School Start Date

3rd February 2016

Friday 15 April
(94-102 half-days)

Term 2

Monday 2 May

Friday 8 July
(98 half-days)

Term 3

Monday 25 July

Friday 23 September
(90 half-days)

Term 4

Term 1 2017

Monday 10 October

Waihopai School
Start date
07 February 2017

Waihopai School 

finish date

Friday 16 December  2016

 The Department of Labour website has information on dates for current and future New Zealand public holiday and Anniversary Days.